Project Description

Experts acknowledge that energy efficiency in the built environment, including a large deployment of Renewable Energy Sources in districts, would require the definition of holistic solutions which are optimised at European (even global) scale but adapted to local and regional conditions and specificities.

This requires research in systemic approaches, flexible and modular solutions which necessarily involve large industrial players in close cooperation with SMEs and research centres, as well as other relevant stakeholders as promoters, investors and users, covering multi-disciplinarily from basic to applied and pre-normative research, demonstration and training.

The proposed geocluster concept is based on the possibility to locate similarities across enlarged EU by combining single or multiple parameters and indicators organised in homogeneous layers and sub-layers. As a pure example, we may consider:

  • a Technological layer consisting for instance of building typologies, technologies and technical solutions, to name a few;
  • a Context layer consisting for instance of climatic conditions (i.e. temperature, solar radiation, wind speed and direction, rain, humidity, pollution, etc.), types of area (i.e. seaside, mountains, etc.), raw materials availability (including for instance kind of waste streams), etc.
  • a Socio-economic layer consisting for instance of macroeconomic indicators (energy price incentives and energy policies, ….), living habits and behavioural aspects (i.e. countryside, cities…), construction business process (i.e. stakeholder roles, procurements rules and typical models), etc.
  • a Political-strategic layer consisting of applicable building directives and laws, standards and regulations, energy policies, etc.