GeoCluster Mapping Tool

The GeoCluster Mapping Tool (Ge2O) has been developed as an Open Source tools based on international standards in the GIS domain (Open Geospatial Consortium - OGC). The tool aims to display the different layers of bi-dimensional maps regarding EE issues in a platform for easy P2P (peer to peer) communication, information sharing and as support to management of data and their geographical reference (SDI). Ge2O has been developed to be an user-friendly tool able to define multi-dimensional maps and to give access to this information at several levels of complexity and granularity.

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GeoCluster Knowledge Repository

The Ge2O Knowledge Repository (Ge2O-KR) has been developed as an Open Source tools based on REST web services. The Ge2O-KR is the tool to collect the data used by Ge2O tool to create the layers map. The tool have a peer to peer (P2P) approach, it means that (i) the user can download and filter the data in order to create synergies with other GIS platforms, and (ii) the user can update the data in order to keep the system updated.

DEMO - Download


The Ge2O tool will be OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) compliant and will respect requirements of the European INSPIRE Directive (2007/2/EC). The union of GeoServer and GeoNetwork server applications provides the following services: 

  • Discovery Services - Registries and catalogues that manage metadata about spatial datasets and the services that can serve.
  • Download Services - A network of services for enabling copies of geospatial data sets, or parts of them, to be downloaded and, where applicable, accessed directly.
  • View Services - Display, navigate, zoom in and out, pan or overlay viewable spatial data sets and to display legend information and any relevant content of metadata.
  • Transformation Service - Enabling spatial data sets to be transformed with a view to achieving interoperability.
  • Invoke Spatial Service Services– This service allows defining both the data inputs and data outputs expected by the spatial service and define a workflow or service chain combining multiple services.